About Us

Htoi Gender and Development (Win Lett)  Foundation, Htoi comes out from the meaning of English ‘Shine/Light’ and established in 2005 stood up as a non-profit and non-governmental organization, was formed by religious leaders, community leaders, and social activists from Kachin State in May 2005. The main aim of Htoi is to address gender inequality issues in Kachin Society. Htoi (Win Lett) have already received official registration from Kachin State Government with CSO registration Number is 2/Kachin/004/2005.

Currently, Htoi has been implementing gender equality promotion programs in 18 townships from 4 districts in Kachin State. Similarly, Htoi has been working in Northern Shan State and remote areas along the Kachin State and China border.

Htoi has Executive team (EC) consisted of 15 members (7 male and 8 female) and Senior Management Team (SMT) which was composed of 7 female members and 2 male.

Vision of Htoi is “Every society in Kachin State accepted and practiced gender equality approach and Kachin State is developed and able to maintain sustainable peace”.

In order to achieve the above mentioned vision, Htoi uses the following mission for its intervention. Htoi is a local CSO/NGO which has been addressing gender equality and gender balance issues in Kachin State. For strengthening gender equality in Kachin society, Htoi intervenes through promotion of gender awareness capacity for local communities, public administrators from line departments, civil societies and religious organizations to integrate concept and approach of gender equality in their intervention and operational processes.

Htoi also employed and practiced the following values in the overall implementation processes and operational mechanism.

  • Women rights and recognition of needs in accordance with gender
  • Appreciation of human dignity
  • Development of community based women association/organization
  • Gender responsive and environmentally sound development


The program of Htoi Gender are Gender Peace, Gender Access to Justice to rule of law in Conflict, Gender in Politics, women & girl empowerment, gender integration programs, and Gender advocacy.

Htoi implement awareness training on gender integration concept such as Gender trafficking, Gender Voter Education, Gender Civic Education, Gender Legal Awareness, Gender Natural Resource Rights. Htoi also do  legal support, legal advice, Gender capacity development, consultation meeting with stakeholders, advocacy, supporting of livelihood program for the women survivals/victims in the non-government control area and government control area.

Targeted group

Htoi targeted to 2 groups they are vulnerable groups and decision makers